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JPMA Safety Certification

A Standard Of Excellence!

As a parent, you understand the importance of product safety, quality, and performance. The participants in the JPMA Certification Program certainly do as well.

Since its inception in 1976, the JPMA Certification Program continues to grow and play an important role in the juvenile products industry. Currently, more than 2,000 products are JPMA Certified in 23 categories!

The Certification Process


Look for the Seal

The JPMA Certification Seal on a product tells you that product has been sample tested annually to the highest product specific standards established by ASTM and beyond, through independent laboratory testing. Our symbol of certification is a symbol of confidence that extends to you in the buying decisions you make.

Why Buy JPMA Certified Products?

Because as a parent you are safety conscious and product savvy!

  • The seal exemplifies a manufacturer's commitment to safety.
  • The seal proves that a manufacturer has tested their product annually to an established standard.
  • JPMA Certification on a product means quality, safety, performance, and functionality.
  • Manufacturers participating in the certification program are held to high standards and are obligated to meet those principles with every product.
  • JPMA certified products go through an extra set of rigorous testing above the standard requirements.
  • The JPMA Certification Program has been helping parents purchase products for their baby for over 35 years. 

For example, every crib is required to have crib slats or spindles spaced no more than 2 3/8" apart. (You know the trick of the trade- shouldn’t be able to fit a soda can in between the slats). But as part of the JPMA Certification Program, cribs are also tested for structural integrity, side rail impact testing, corner post vertical extensions and more.

How Do I Find JPMA Certified Products?

JPMA is excited to offer you a printable registry checklist that you can bring with you when you register for your baby.  By choosing a product that is manufactured by one of the companies listed under each category you know that you are choosing a product that has met stringent testing requirements that exist as part of this program.  Look for the Certification Seal on product packaging and in product descriptions.

Whether you have a child, grandchild or ever bought a gift for a baby shower, chances are you bought something that was JPMA Certified. JPMA is proud to provide a certification program that demands only the best.